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Think the bigger picture with a mobile website

Mobile will soon overtake desktop browsing worldwide, and as a result it's becoming incredibly important to have a version of your website which is easy to use on mobile devices.

Forty-one per cent of UK businesses plan to have a mobile website within the next year; and this new, exciting market is growing year-on-year and attracting high-value users with disposable income.

  • Make sure the UK's 13m mobile web users see your site at its best.
  • Tap into a whole new sales channel, driving leads through mobile search.
  • Outperform your competitors in the mobile market by adopting early.

In a rapidly expanding market, a mobile site could be the driving force of your business in years to come. M-commerce and promotion of services through mobile PPC have captured theEword's imagination, and our design and development team has evolved to take on this new challenge.

Combined with crisp, concise content, a flawless mobile site is the key to driving conversions and keeping in touch with your customers wherever they are. It's a miniature shop window that is visible to an ever-increasing - make sure yours is eye-catching, memorable and slick.

Mobile websites go anywhere

Your business' mobile website is like a shop window that is visible from anywhere. With no geographical restrictions, your customer can be informed, entertained, and tempted to buy wherever they are, and even on the move. Now that smartphones support internet browsing and GPS, it's as if your business can broadcast its whereabouts and services to all the potential customers in your vicinity.

How we get results

With our extensive web design experience, resulting in a comprehensive site build service. Over the years, we have honed our ability to create navigable, fresh websites, filled with engaging and informative content. Our three core aims – to be transparent, forward-thinking, and commercially minded – have also shaped our approach, leading us to be industry innovators and always keep clients in the loop.

Bespoke design

Of course, mobile sites require a rather specialised approach. Due to their efficient browsing habits, mobile users require content that is instantly relevant and attention-grabbing. Visiting a mobile website should be an enjoyable experience that customers want to repeat, so our team creates elegant, intuitive and modern site designs. Our SEO knowledge also gets your site higher in mobile search rankings, and ensures more relevant site traffic.

Rigorous development

Our programming team works tirelessly to build sites either from scratch or from an exsisting website that will work flawlessly. This is easier said than done when there are countless different handsets and mobile operating systems that a website needs to be compatible with. Using the latest HTML, CSS, JavaScript  coding, we ensure your website can be used by as many mobile users as possible, giving your company a reputation for perfectionism and reliability.

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